West Hartford Students Make Science Lessons Soar

Students at the Smith Elementary School in West Hartford were making their lessons fly on Tuesday morning when they launched their very own weather balloon into the sky.

The balloon brought science and geography lessons to life as hundreds of students watched in amazement.

“This is very exciting for me. I don’t know what to say, it is super cool,” student Jack O’Neill said. “They have a GPS attached to the balloon and they’re going to follow it and take pictures along the way.”

The project took months of planning and a grant to get off of the ground, but organizers said it gives students a deeper interest in what they’re learning in the classroom.

“We are always looking for activities that will inspire our children,” Principal Juan Melian said. 

Students can track the balloon online as it flies and a few teachers will also follow it by car and bring back the results.

“It is better than seeing it in a textbook,” student Serenity Cillery said.  “This is like we are really there.”

Organizers are hoping to share the images from the weather balloon during a school assembly in November.

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