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Willimantic Woman Recalls Moments Police Chase Ended in Shootout at Her Door

Tomasyn Goode says it still hasn’t hit her how her Willimantic home became a massive crime scene in a matter of minutes.

“It’s like a thing that happens in movies,” Goode said. “I start to hear sirens and gunshots. I’m at the back door with my hand on the door knob I’m about to open it and I realize that the guy, the suspect is there on the other side of that door trying to get in.”

In the rush, Goode says she doesn’t remember locking her now banged up back door. She then ran out the front of her house where officers ordered her back inside. She laid on her front porch with one thought.

 “I hope none of these bullets that are flying around comes through this wall and hits me,” Goode said.

A couple minutes later Goode learned that the suspect, 39-year-old Kyron Sands, had been shot by police on her back porch. He later died in her backyard.

 “I was shocked when I came back after it's all over and I came back to see this,” Goode said. 

Just as she starts to process what’s happened, reminders keep popping up that fill in the holes.

 “It’s surreal to me it’s like hard to believe that it’s real it really happened,” Goode said.

 As State Police still comb for leftover evidence, Goode realizes the danger that came knocking on her door has now put things in perspective.

 “Just lucky you know like winning the lotto but in reverse or something you can never predict that something like this is going to happen to you,” Goode said.

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