You’ve Got Google Mail!

UConn is switching students to Google email service

AFP/Getty Images

Google is getting a new client -- the University of Connecticut.

Google will be the new host for students' email, the school posted on its website on Monday.

The switch was made after students complained about the HuskyMail system.

“Our students have spoken, and this is what they want,” Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer David Gilbertson said in a statement. “The students have voiced their concerns for some time regarding HuskyMail, and in discussions with student leaders last year they clearly stated they wanted the University to move toward a system they’re more comfortable with.”

The new service will allow students to build web sites and also has calendaring, instant messaging and social networking functionality.

The university is now transfering its 30,000 students to the Google email service and other applications. Student inbox space is expected to increase from 50 megabytes to 7 gigabytes.

School officials said the Google system will be ready by the beginning of the next school year.

The Google Apps @ UConn page has more information on how the service works.

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