Zero a Lucky Number for Lottery Players

The number zero was anything but nothing in the CT Lottery's Play4 day drawing Monday afternoon.

For the first time in the CT Lottery's history, the numbers 0000 were drawn, and apparently it is a number popular with players.

In fact, the goose-egg drawing will pay out $2,672,500 to players who were lucky enough to choose 0000. It is the third largest payout in CT Lottery's history for the Play4 game.

"0-0-0-0 is in the top ten of the most popular combinations played, so we expect to see a steady stream of winners coming in to collect their winnings," said Paul Sternburg, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the CT Lottery.

The highest payout in the game came on Jan. 1, 2002 when the number 1111 was drawn. That combination paid $6,235,000.

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