“Bicycle Girl” Getting Her Own “Walking Dead” Spin-Off? Kinda

If you saw the first episode of AMC's "Walking Dead," she's kind of hard to forget. As the hero, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) stumbles out of the hospital, one of the first signs that all is not well in the world is the discovery of a gurgling half-corpse stuck under a bicycle. It's haunting and the special effects are perfectly gruesome.

And now, she's a STAR!

AMC has announced that, ahead of the series' Season Two premiere on October 16th, they will be running a series of "webisodes" directed by the show's FX guru Greg Nicotero. The six-episode online miniseries will, among other things, offer a little backstory for the iconic zombie girl (who we now know is named "Hannah").

The first webisode airs on amctv.com at 2 PM ET on Monday, October 3rd. "Walking Dead" returns to AMC Sunday, October 16th at 9 PM ET.

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