Wild Gender Reveal? Alien Invasion? The Night Sky Turned Crazy Blue — and New Yorkers Have Jokes About It

A Con Edison spokesman called the transformer fire an "abnormal event" and said, "It did create a spectacular effect on the sky, and certainly caused a lot of concern"

What to Know

  • An electric flash at a Con Ed power station in Queens caused scattered power outages and sent a spectacular light across the city skyline
  • No injuries were reported
  • The lights caused a stir on social media as several witnesses posted photographs and videos of a bright, blue flash that filled the sky

Gender reveal party gone wrong? Alien invasion? Optimus Prime vs. Megatron?

It was an electric blast, people, that sent a crazy blue light flooding the nighttime sky in Queens, briefly making it look like daytime in some neighborhoods. No one was hurt, but the illumination was certainly out of this world -- and New Yorkers have jokes about it.

See some of the Twitter chatter below and get the full story here (including some pretty incredible photos).

[NATL-NY]Photos: Sky Over New York City Illuminated Blue After Electric Flash

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