Christina Aguilera Shares Secrets To Her Hot Mama Body

The singer admitted that getting her amazing body took work

Christina Aguilera turns 30 in December – and she says she's getting better with age.

"I'm proud of my age," she told Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson during an exclusive interview on the set of her new video, "Not Myself Tonight." "Because with it comes wisdom, and we're smarter. And, you know what? I feel sexier than I have ever been in my whole life."

After a decade of stardom, the hot mom told Shaun that getting older had made her more confident.

"You know what you want. You know how you feel. And you know how to get it," she told Shaun.

Confidence comes easy when you look and can perform like Christina, who shows off some racy outfits in her "Not Myself Tonight" video – the first clip and single from her upcoming album, "Bionic."

But the singer admitted that getting her amazing body took some work.

"You know, its just about making the time for and I hate working out," she said. "No one hates working out more than me. I hate it with a passion, but I do it because in the end, it makes you feel better. In the moment, it sucks… and to get motivated to get on a treadmill and make time for it in your day. There's just not enough hours in the day as it is, and as a mother it's really hard, but just to squeeze in some cardio, some weights."

However, the curvy star said she doesn't want to get too thin.

"There's certain assets I like to have," she said. "I don't like getting too thin because I lose a little bit of booby."

Though Christina may be more confident than ever, she said there's one star whose advice she loved getting – "Burlesque" co-star and music legend Cher.

"I didn't know what to expect. I was excited for sure," Christina said of meeting the singer. "But I have to say she welcomed me with open arms. (She gave me a) big hug and we just started talking and it was like (we were) old girlfriends. Everyday it was just such a great experience with her because she was so warm and supportive and giving me advice, which I sucked in like a vacuum… we'd sit like girlfriends and talk about love and relationships on a personal level."

Head to now to see the full "Not Myself Tonight" video!

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