Jenna Coleman Is Leaving ‘Doctor Who'

Ladies and gentlemen, the companion has left the TARDIS. Yes, Jenna Coleman confirmed her departure from "Doctor Who" during a BBC Radio 1 interview after rumors swirled about her status with the crossover hit science fiction series.

"I have left the TARDIS–it's happened," Coleman told BBC Radio 1 on Friday.

Coleman joined the series in the 2012 Christmas special and was the Doctor's companion Clara with Matt Smith and then Peter Capaldi. Look for her exit to take place "at some point this season," Coleman said. Perhaps in the October episodes "The Girl Who Died" and "The Woman Who Lived"?

Next up for Coleman: Queen Victoria in ITV's "Victoria." Look for that series to chronicle the early years of Queen Victoria's 60+ year reign. "I am delighted to be cast as Queen Victoria in this ambitious drama of her life," said Coleman in a statement when "Victoria" was announced. "She is a vivid, strong, inspirational and utterly fascinating woman in British history and I can't wait to tell her story."

As for all those rumors about her leaving that bubbled up before? Well, they were true. Coleman said her exit has been in the works for a long time, in fact she sat down with executive producer Steven Moffat a year and a half ago to figure out when to stage her exit and "tell a really good story," Coleman told BBC. "We're not going to give any details but it will happen at some point this season...We worked out a really good story arc out so hopefully people will love it."

Still, she said it wasn't an easy decision. "There are not a lot of jobs where you get to have an alien as your best mate and get to run away from monsters... it's been so much fun, I love it," she said. "It's such a unique beast, it's been really special."

Upcoming guest stars in "Doctor Who" include "Game of Thrones'" Maisie Williams and the return of Alex Kingston as River Song.

"Doctor Who" season nine kicks off on Saturday, Sept. 19 on BBC America.

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