Jim Parsons Scores Best Actor in a Comedy, Stops Himself From Being a Jerk

Jim Parsons followed up his Emmy victory for playing the most annoying man in the world on “The Big Bang Theory” by winning Best Actor in a Comedy, unseating two-time defending champ Alec Baldwin of “30 Rock.”

"Oh my god... It’s such perspective, it’s so weird. One day you’re waiting, “Is CBS gonna put this show on the air?” Another day you’re waiting, “Is anyone going to come back after a prolonged writers strike?” And then you’re waiting and days go by and suddenly you’re at the Golden Globes with your whole cast and crew… it’s such an honor to be with all of you. Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press."

Then, in an all too rare moment of self-awareness, Parsons caught him making the kind of slip that makes so many people look like egotistical turds.

“My writers, the writers—‘my writers’? How crass—thank you for—oh the truth comes out—thank you for providing a character that I get to enjoy playing.”

Nice save, Jimbo.

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