Kentucky Man Arrested After Shooting Down Neighbor’s Drone

Two Kentucky neighbors are dueling over who was at fault when one of them blasted the other's drone out of the sky — leading to an arrest and felony charges, NBC News reported.

The shooter, William "Willie" Merideth, 47, told NBC News on Saturday that he was simply trying to keep his family safe when he used a shotgun on the drone July 26 in rural Bullitt County, south of Louisville.

While drone owner David Boggs, 40, claims he was not specifically flying it above Merideth's property, his neighbor says otherwise. 

"I have a right as an American citizen to defend my property," Merideth said. "I think — no, I know — that I was completely justified in protecting my family."

Boggs told NBC News that he and his friends were practicing flying the drone when another friend and neighbor texted him, challenging Boggs to fly it over his home. He went for it. But somewhere along the way, he heard four or five gunshots, he recalled.

Ambiguous guidance from the FAA regarding civilian drone use doesn't quite clarify which neighbor has the stronger argument.

Merideth was charged with first-degree endangerment for shooting into the air and criminal mischief. His wife, Janet, posted a $2,500 bond, and Merideth is due in court in September.

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