Nerf Gun Brought to Campus Prompts Lockdown at Las Positas College in Livermore

Las Positas College in Livermore was temporarily placed on lockdown Wednesday after a student brought a Nerf toy gun to school, police said.

Police indicated that the student had "no intent to cause harm or problems," but people on the campus were asked to shelter in place for just over an hour while officers investigated the incident.

Footage from the scene captured officers just before noon standing over two people while the lockdown was in place. Another officer nearby was seen holding the Nerf gun.

Police said a student located in a classroom was found to be in possession of the Nerf toy gun. Officers said the toy was mistaken for a rifle. After speaking to the student, police said the student brought the Nerf gun onto campus as a prop for an event unrelated to the school.

"The student had no intention of disrupting the school or causing fear," police said in a statement.

The 20-year-old student will not face any criminal charges, police said.

When the lockdown was lifted, classes and other school activities resumed immediately, according to the school.

Roughly 8,500 students attend Las Positas, according to the school.

Further information was not available.

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