Ledecky Olympic Race Ranks Among Biggest Blowouts in Sports

How does Katie Ledecky's 800m freestyle race rank against some of the biggest blowouts in sports history?

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United States' Katie Ledecky celebrates after setting a new world record and winning the gold after the women's 800-meter freestyle final during the swimming competitions at the 2016 Summer Olympics, Friday, Aug. 12, 2016, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
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If it looks like Katie Ledecky had an easy time winning gold on Friday, it just might have been. Let's see where her performance might end up in sports history.
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In 1973, Secretariat and jockey Ron Turcotte won the Belmont Stakes by a whopping 31 lengths. It is still considered one of the greatest performances in sports history.
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Like Ledecky, when Tiger Woods was on his game he was unbeatable. His most dominating performance might have been at the 2000 U.S. Open, where he won by 15 strokes. Woods was 12-under for the tournament. Next closest was 3-over.
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Let's go way back to 1940, to the NFL Championship Game in Washington, D.C. The Chicago Bears blew way the home team, 73-0, in one of the most dominant NFL performances ever. Here, Bears fullback Bill Osmanski gallops for a touchdown.
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Another NFL blowout came in 1990 when the San Francisco 49ers destroyed the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXIV. The 49ers crushed the Orange Crush, 55-10.
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Steffi Graf had a "Ledeckian" effort of her own in 1998 when she shut out Natasha Zvereva in the French Open, 6-0, 6-0. Not only was it a shutout, the ENTIRE MATCH lasted just 32 minutes.
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The Chicago Bears used a famous "46" defense and a Super Bowl Shuffle to roll over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX, 46-10. You could say the Patriots didn't know what hit 'em, but they did. His name was The Fridge.
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Like Ledecky, Mike Tyson exploded onto the sports scene at a young age. In 1986 he recorded the fastest knockout of his career -- 30 seconds -- when he took down Marvis Frazier.
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In 1965 Ned Jarrett won the Southern 500, and it wasn't even close. The second-place car finished 14 laps behind him. The third- and fourth-place finishers? They were 19 laps behind. Sure, there were some mechanical issues with the other vehicles in the race, but a blowout is a blowout.
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In 1991, Mario Lemieux and the Pittsburgh Penguins won their first Stanley Cup in grand style. They completely dominated the Minnesota North Stars in Game 6 -- in Minnesota -- by a score of 8-0, allowing them to drink from Lord Stanley's Cup.
There were gymnasts at the 1976 Summer Olympics, and then there was Nadia Comaneci. The Romanian posted not one, not two, but SEVEN perfect 10s during the Games. And she did so at the age of 14.
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