Jay Leno Rates Santorum's Conservatism

The "Tonight Show" host poked fun at the GOP candidate's fierce opposition to gay rights and questioned his goal of religious values in government.

Mitt Romney's protestations that he was a "severely conservative" governor don't seem to have changed Jay Leno's mind, at least, about just who is the real right-winger in the GOP primary.

That, he said on "The Tonight Show" Thursday, would be Rick Santorum.

"Rick Santorum said this week he wants to restore religious values to government — you know, like they do in Iran," Leno joked, and he began rattling off a series of jokes describing the former Pennsylvania senator's politics.

"He is so conservative, he only flies Virgin Airlines — that's how conservative. He is so conservative, he thinks you need to be 18 or older to look at the Washington Monument — that's how conservative. Let me tell you how conservative Rick Santorum is: He wants 'Glee' renamed 'The Morally Confused Dance Club' — that's how conservative."

And his coup de grace?

"He's so conservative, he won't even order a bone-in rib-eye. That's how conservative he is."

(As for the race's other big social conservative? Leno got in a dig at him, too, saying his guest Amanda Seyfried was there to promote her new movie "Gone" — "a film about any chance Newt Gingrich ever had of being president.")

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