Take a ‘Peep' at These 10 Amazing Marshmallow Sculptures

Sugary, sweet models of Edgar Allen Poe, Belle of "Beauty and the Beast" and Paddington Bear are just a few of the Peeps sculptures seen at the PEEPShow, a competition that raises funds for the Carroll County Arts Council on Westminster, Maryland. Artists and marshmallow enthusiasts across the country enter each year to show off their Easter creations.

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Carroll County Arts Council
Just in time for the release of a live-action "Beauty and the Beast" film, among the top contenders in the PEEPShow is this 5-foot-tall statue of Belle. Baker Candace Birger used 1,500 Peeps to create the statue.
Carroll County Arts Council
EMPTY_CAPTION"Edgar Allan Peep" is one of the contest's several literary submissions. Poe, the author of dark poems and stories like "The Raven" and "The Tell-Tale Heart," is considered a hometown hero for residents of Maryland. Poe is buried in Baltimore, where he died in 1849.
Carroll County Arts Council
This piece of Peeps art, by Kim Prati, re-creates "The Great Wave off Kanagawa," a famous woodblock print created by the Japanese artist Hokusai in 1831. Impressions of the original print are included in the collections of the Met and the British Museum.
Carroll County Arts Council
EMPTY_CAPTION"Mother of (Peep) Dragons" is an 8-and-a-half foot sculpture by Vivian Davis.
Carroll County Arts Council
Internet sensations also appear among the entries: this work immortalizes Grumpy Cat, a 5-year-old feline who has become famous online due to her permanently grouchy facial expression.
Carroll County Arts Council
A combination of Peeps and nuts come together to create this edible version of Paddington Bear, the beloved character from English children's literature.
Carroll County Arts Council
This Peep statue stands alongside its inspiration, a Swedish Dalacarnian horse. Known as "Dala horses," the wooden figurines are popular symbols of Swedish culture that first arrived in the United States during the 1939 World's Fair.
Carroll County Arts Council
EMPTY_CAPTION"Victoria's Peepscret" brings the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show to marshmallow form in minute detail –– from the models' high heels to the elaborately dressed crowd.
Carroll County Arts Council
Among the simplest submissions to the contest is this "Royal Palm" tree, complete with a Peeps crown.
Carroll County Arts Council
EMPTY_CAPTION"Jane Goodall is a primatologist most known for her long term study of wild chimpanzees in Tasmania," reads the description on this diorama, which features chimpanzees in a wild made of Peeps.
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