Casey's Pals, Family Blast Tequila

J&J heiress's pals seize her dogs as family and friends blast her fiance

Tila Tequila called herself Casey Johnson's "wife," but the dead socialite's pals say Tequila is more self-promoter than grieving widow.

As two of the Johnson & Johnson heiress' famous pals, Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips, took her orphaned lap dogs away from the sobbing Tequila, Johnson's former girlfriend said she is sick of reality TV personality Tequila's public displays of anguish since Johnson was found dead in her squalid, rented Los Angeles mansion Monday. 

"The thing I find the most sickening is that the media is giving [her] the one thing she craves: attention. Tila, you knew her for a week," Courtenay Semel told People magazine.

Less than a month before Johnson was found dead at age 30, she and Tequila announced they were engaged. Tequila, 28, who starred on MTV's matchmaking show, "A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila," has made headlines recently with a violent row with ex-boyfriend and NFL star  Shawne Merriman and a self-twittered suicide  bid. The 4-foot-11 Tequila's legal name is Tila Nguyen.

Since Monday, Tequila has posted a series of bizarre messages on Twitter about her relationship with Johnson. 

Semel, whose father is ex-Y! and Warner Brothers boss Terry Semel, had broken up with Johnson after a tumultuous affair, but said she still had strong feelings for her.

“Casey is the love of my life and she's gone," Semel told the magazine. "I will make sure the world will one day see all she wanted to give to it. I love you CJ with all my heart."

Meanwhile, Hilton and Phillips showed up at Tequila's house and left with Johnson's dogs -- over the protests of Tequila, according to the New York Post.

"Today these 'mean girls' bombarded my home, to try to take the pups away so they can put them to sleep so they can bury the dogs with Casey," she wrote on her blog Tila's Hotspot. "I had to call the police because they were getting very violent outside of my house . . ."

Police arrived and stood by as Hilton and Phillips hauled away several boxes and the doggies.

The Post reported that the Johnson family, which had cut Casey off after repeated attempts to rein in her wild behavior, is sick of Tequila's antics.

 "She keeps Twittering about her grief and her 'wifey,' but we know she's just using Casey's death for her own publicity. It's disgusting," a friend told the Post.

"We all want Casey to be remembered as a classy girl, not as somebody connected with someone like Tila."

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