Nicole Kidman Once Tried Dating Jimmy Fallon

Once upon a time, Nicole Kidman had a huge crush on Jimmy Fallon.

The Oscar winner stopped by “The Tonight Show” show Tuesday to promote her upcoming family movie “Paddington” and the two exchanged very different embarrassing versions of the afternoon they first met.

“Do you want me to tell my version?” said Fallon.

Fallon recalled how a mutual friend called him out of the blue, and offered to bring Kidman to his apartment on short notice for what the “Tonight” host thought was some sort of audition for "Bewitched."

The "Saturday Night Live" veteran scrambled to a deli to pick up some cheese and crackers for the Hollywood star.

“I don’t have people over my house,” thought Fallon, freaking out. “I have video games and sneakers.”

Kidman explained that she was single at the time and romantically interested in the comedian after

“I liked you,” confessed Kidman.

“Wait. What? What are you talking about?” cried out a clearly flustered Fallon.

The actress then went on to remind Fallon that he greeted her with a baseball cap and sweats and didn't say anything for quite some time before putting on a video game.

“It was bad,” Kidman told the audience, joking that she wondered if the lack of chemistry was because Fallon was gay.

Fallon was so embarrassed that he ran off from behind his desk.

“We weren’t meant to be,” said Kidman.

“Wow, did you make a good decision,” responded Fallon.

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