Taylor Swift and Lisa Kudrow Perform ‘Smelly Cat' From ‘Friends'

In 2015, the term "Smelly Cat" is trending worldwide on Twitter. We never thought we'd see the day.

Of course, we also never thought we'd have Taylor Swift to thank for the resurgence of "Smelly Cat's" popularity. Was she even alive when "Friends" premiered? We actually don't want to think about the answer to that question. What we do want to think about is how magical the rendition was. Lisa Kudrow was in full-on Phoebe Buffay mode, down to the amazing-slash-crazy hippie outfit and acoustic guitar. Swift naturally took the role of Stephanie, the professional singer that the Central Perk hired who just doesn't get that "Smelly Cat" can't be sung with a non-grating tone.

The mini performance was pretty much what our dreams are made of (because yes, we're such huge "Friends" fans that we dream about the show on the reg). But it's also worth noting the irony of the fact that this is yet another guest of Taylor's who is probably completely unknown to the majority of her youthful concert-goers. Kudrow is in a fabulous group that includes Alanis Morissette, Joan Baez and Matt LeBlanc, all hilariously way out of the pop culture knowledge base of tweens. But that's what makes the appearances way more awesome to those of us in the know.

"Friends" fans took to Twitter to prove exactly that--if you're old enough to appreciate a good ol' Phoebe Buffay cameo, yesterday was the best day of the year.

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