“The Voice” Recap: Coaches' Steal Takes Over Battle Round

The new star of NBC's The Voice? The coaches' steal!

The hit reality show's new trick, allowing one coach to swoop up another coach's contestant, is taking over the battle rounds and we love it. The steal adds a sense of unpredictability and fun to the competition as we never know when Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton will push their buttons.

And push their buttons they did during the second night of battle rounds. So which contestant caused our coaches to turn into artist robbers?

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Team Cee Lo

For his team's first battle, Cee Lo decides to go for an unusual matchup: confident singer-dancer Domo aka "D to the O to the M to the O" vs. farm boy Cody Belew. "It's a battle between the singer that can dance and the dancer that can sing," Cee Lo says of the pairing, who take on Lady Gaga's "Telephone."

Blake compliments Domo's beauty and tells Cody he's "damn good looking" as well. Christina acknowledges that the song was more in Domo's comfort zone and says she won the battle, as does Adam. In the end though, Cee Lo surprises us and goes with Cody. The three other judges all choose not to steal Domo. D to the O to to M to the SO LONG!

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Team Christina

Aquile goes up against 15-year-old Natalie Hernandez on "You Give Me Something." Thanks to his age and life experience, Aquile seems to have the edge, with guest mentor Billie Joe Armstrong telling him, "I think it sounded better than the original."

Cee Lo says he "loved" their performance and tells Aquile he was "perfect." While Adam praises Nathalie's maturity ("When I was 15, I was a zit!" LOLZ, Adam!), he gives the edge to the more-experience Aquile. Christina says she has a "soft spot" for both singers, but her spot is softer for Aquile. "I think Nathalie would have been great on Blake's team," Christina says, but the country crooner decides not to steal her.

In a quickie battle, the songstress pitted Celica Westbrook against Lisa Scinta on Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck Without You" and decides to keep Celica.

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Team Adam

The battle of the night was Caitlin Michele, who suffers from panic attacks, vs. photographer Melanie Martinez on the hit song "Lights." He says they both "do interesting unique things in a pop context," which is why he paired them. After an emotional performance, it's clear that the other three judges are interesting in whichever artist Adam sends home. Blake refuses to say who he thought won the battle and Christina refuses as well, calling it the "prettiest and most moving performance." Cee Lo won't say either, but says he loves Melanie.

"None of these guys are showing their hand because they want one of you," Adam says of his fellow coaches. Adam says the decision sucks, but chooses to keep Melanie, making Caitlin fair game for Cee Lo and Blake. Blake says he has a "soft spot for unique artists" like her; Cee Lo counters that "Unique" is his first name and says, "Come to me, my dark princess." In the end, Caitlin chooses Cee Lo, aka her prince.

Team Blake

In a quickie battle smog technician Charlie Rey went up against grandfather Rudy Parris and Rudy takes it.

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