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Trump's Mental State Is Becoming a Campaign Talking Point

Joe Scarborough says Republican party insiders are asking him, "What's happening to him, what is wrong with him?"

Critics of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump have raised questions about his temperament and mental stability as his verbal gaffes mount and he continues to lash out at his opponents, NBC News reported.

Many of Trump's GOP allies have been publicly apoplectic about the unorthodox campaign, contradictory statements regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump's critical remarks about the Muslim-American parents of a slain Iraq War hero.

A Washington Post column this week asked "Is Donald Trump just plain crazy?" and on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Joe Scarborough said he fielded calls from Republican party insiders asking, "What's happening to him, what is wrong with him?"

Dr. Justin A. Frank, a psychiatrist who has written about other presidential demeanors, told NBC News he sees Trump as a brilliant salesman and showman who has more in common with theatrical performers like Judy Garland or the fictional lead character in "All That Jazz" than anyone with a pathological disorder.

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