Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine-Americans Pay Close Attention to Potential Russian Invasion

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On Friday, President Biden announced that he's convinced that Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to further invade Ukraine.

The potential decision has many here in the United States and Connecticut concerned about what could happen within the coming days.

Stress and a sense of worry are some of the recent feelings for Lana Babij.

Babij is of Ukrainian descent and has loved ones who live in the country.

"It breaks your heart to see a place you know that's so vibrant be attacked just for being," said Babji.

Babji, like many of her other friends and family in the U.S., are paying close attention to the situation unfolding at the Russia-Ukraine Border.

"We hope there is no war," said Eugene Babij, husband of Lana Babji. "I would like to see all the troops go back and I'd like to see it the way it was before."

These thoughts come after Russian forces have set up around Ukraine borders. These actions aren't too surprising given some of Russia's decisions dating back to 2014.

Following Biden's announcement on potential sanctions on Russia, Alex Kuzma who, like the Babji couple, has family in Ukraine and believes the sanctions should've already started.

"The sanctions would start putting pressure on Putin now and that's the one thing we're pushing for as a community," Kuzma said. "There has been a completely unprovoked and outrageous onslaught that's been manufactured by Putin's ambitions and Putin's obsession with Ukraine."

As many Ukraine-Americans wait to see what will happen within the coming days, they're hoping Ukraine doesn't have to fight, but believes the country will be prepared to defend their people.

"We can either submit or we have to resist if we get invaded," said Bohdan Pokora, who also has family that lives in Ukraine. "The mantra is don't panic, but just be prepared."

In response to the recent developments between the two countries, there will be a rally and prayer vigil in support of Ukraine at the state capitol in Hartford on Sunday beginning at noon.

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