Incumbents DeLauro, Courney Have Big Leads: Poll - NBC Connecticut

Incumbents DeLauro, Courney Have Big Leads: Poll



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    Two Connecticut Democrat incumbents maintain large leads.

    The races for U.S. Senate and governor could go either way, but a new poll says Democratic U.S. Representatives Rosa DeLauro and Joe Courtney have some breathing room.

    DeLauro has 58.1 percent to Republican Jerry Labriola’s 36.5 percent in the latest Merriman River Group poll, commissioned by Courtney has 55.0 percent to Republican Janet Peckinpaugh’s 41.3 percent.

    “The safest congressional incumbent in Connecticut this year is Rosa DeLauro,” poll director Matthew Fitch said. “She is a rare Democrat this year that leads among unaffiliated voters.”

    The 3rd Congressional District Representative is getting 84 percent of Democrats in her district and might be the only Congressional candidate to break 60 percent this year, Fitch said.

    In a poll released on Thursday, Fitch said the said Courtney seems to be ducking a trend in which voters seem to leaning toward a Democratic backlash against President Barack Obama because Courtney’s making the race “more than a straight referendum on President Obama.”

    “In a district where the President’s approval rating is close to 50-50, that higher level of support from Obama opponents is worth a five point swing in both directions and turns what could be a relatively close race into a comfortable lead for Courtney,” Fitch said.

    He also said that “women voters don’t seem to be connecting with Peckinpaugh,” as she is losing, 63-32, among women despite holding an 8 percent lead among men.

    “That’s bad news in a district where 55 percent of the voters on Election Day are women,” Fitch said.