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State Considers Tax on Plastic and Paper Bags



    Lawmakers Consider Tax on Disposable Bags

    Lawmaker Proposes Tax on One Time Use Bags

    (Published Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017)

    The Connecticut Legislature is considering a proposed bill would put a 5-cent tax on every single-use carryout paper and plastic shopping bag and shoppers had mixed opinions on the idea. 

    Joe Koski, of New Britain, supports it. 

    "It's a good idea," he said. "People may think twice about using plastic." 

    Arnaldo Collado, of Newington, doesn’t. 

    "I don't think that's good for us," Collado said. "We don't need more taxes." 

    He said he often shops at places that don't have single-use bags. When he goes to stores that have them, he uses them as little as possible. 

    "The ones I do use, I take home and I recycle them and use them at home," Collado said. 

    Jacquelyn Pitcher, of Newington, said using reusable bags is a simple way to make a big difference. 

    "It's more convenient. It cuts down on waste. You can fit more in a single bag, so it's easier to carry up to the apartment. It's more convenient all around," Pitcher said. 

    Environmental groups say plastic bags waste natural resources and negatively impact wildlife and waterways. 

    Read the proposed bill here.  

    In the proposed legislation, the money collected by the tax would go to a dedicated environmental fund to help state programs. 

    Pitcher said that's an added bonus. 

    "If people don't really want to pay the tax, they can easily get reusable bags. So it's good for the environment. It's good all around," Pitcher said.