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Watch Out Beyonce, Here's a Husky Idol



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    Former Husky QB Tyler Lorenzen hot-footed his way into the spotlight during Super Bowl media day.

    All football players dream of becoming a household name during Super Bowl week.  

    The spotlight. The exposure. Becoming a true idol in the sport. Well, for some, all that happens before the game even starts.
    Life for former UConn Husky QB Tyler Lorenzen, who became an instant hit this week during the normally monotonous media day festivities. 
    He won the E.T. Super Bowl Idol contest by singing and dancing Beyonce’s Grammy award winning song “Single Ladies.” 
    Lorenzen, who is a tight end on the New Orleans Saints practice squad, won’t play on Sunday but he made sure to make an impact this week. 
    Here is the entire clip from the show
    While we love his two-stepping, we'd rather see Tyler catching passed during the biggest football day of the year.