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Pats Focused Ahead of Rams Game

New England looks for one more win before the bye



    Focus is a big word around Foxboro. It starts at the top, obviously, and filters down from there.

    Coach Bill Belichick also likes to make his players' jobs as easy as possible, simplifying responsibilities and asking them to do one or two things well.

    It always helps to have a future Hall of Fame quarterback. Partly because of what Tom Brady can do on the field, but also because he's the shining example that Belichick's system works.

    So on their last day in the States before heading to London for Sunday's matchup against the Rams, Brady, predictably, spoke about the little things and what the recently sputtering Pats offense needs to do to improve.

    "That's the goal every week is to go out and play well for 60 minutes, plus if you need it like we did last week," Brady said on Wednesday. "There's not too many instances where we, or ever, where we just feel like we can just roll our helmets out there and say 'oh, we're just gonna get it done.' No, because you have to go out and earn it. Part of the NFL is earning it every week. And you play very good teams like we've seen this year, and they make you earn it for 60 minutes.

    "If they beat the Patriots, they're going to have to play a good game," the quarterback continued. "Whoever we beat, we're going to have to play a good game."

    One of Brady's favorite targets, tight end Aaron Hernandez, having no doubt heard Belichick just say it, reiterated that Sunday's game will come down to execution.

    "We have enough players, enough athletes, enough dominant players to win every game," he said. "I feel like with the team we have, as long as we do our job, and play Patriot football, we'll be fine. We just have to go play our game, and not hurt ourselves, and we should be fine."

    While the Pats' other big-play tight end, Rob Gronkowski was less interested in the macro view of this offense, and instead focused on the his responsibilities.

    "I'm just out there focused on my job, really," he said. "Whatever the coaches ask me to do and just really worrying about what I've got to do out there to make the team better and make the offense better. Just overall we've got to go out there and execute as a team, and everyone's just got to make sure they're doing their own, including myself."

    Now the Patriots just have to go out and win.

    "It's never good going in with a loss, especially with the coach we have," Hernandez said on Wednesday.

    For the remaining souls who weren't already properly motivated, there you go.