Calhoun, Pitino Talk Pay-for-Play

Hey, look at that, it's Jim Calhoun! We thought he was retiring (that's a joke). This video was originally posted last Saturday, and ESPN's Andy Katz sits down with Calhoun and Louisville head coach Rick Pitino to talk about pay-for-play for college athletes, Big East expansion and scheduling, and how this year's conference race will shape up.

You can view the entire interview here or watch the video below:

Calhoun on pay-for-play: "Very simply, when I went to school (it was) room and board, tuition, books and fees, laundry money, meal money -- you had extra money. So my theory would simply be, the Pell Grant does a great job … but all of those who qualify -- and we had less and less kids who qualified for the Pell Grant -- but there has to be more for the kid who comes to an institution to socially fit in at the university. How it comes about -- there are great concerns about gender equity for the other sports -- but I think we have to do more."

"My biggest concern is that when we look at it today, there are 23 sports at UConn. That's a lot of folks who are going to need a lot of money so it creates a major problem."

Surprisingly, no word on if Calhoun will return to coaching (again, joking), but it's an interesting 10-minute interview with two of the biggest coaches in college basketball about some important issues facing the sport.

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