If You've Got Milk, You've Got Oil

Mooove over Valvoline, cow fat is more natural

Got milk? You might have motor oil too.

Green Earth Technologies, based in Stamford, is making a product called G-Oil from animal fat -- beef tallow, a waste product from slaughterhouses.  It might seem gross, but at least it's not wasteful.

The company calls the oil the "green alternative" for ordinary engines as well as high performing gas engines.  It's eco-friendly, biodegradable and not made from fossil sources.

But you don't have to head to the farm to get it. 

Earlier this month, the American Petroleum Institute approved the product for widespread sale, everywhere from Home Depot, Ace and True Value Hardware to Amazon, Mother Nature Network reports

One cow yields 110 quarts of oil.  And it works so well that top racing teams are using the fat-based oil. 

The Stamford business signing a two-year contract to make its Race 1 the official motor oil of The American Le Mans Series and the International Motor Sports Association

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