Matt Cassel Remains Patriots Quarterback, Bill Belichick Still Confident

After a nightmare performance on Sunday night, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick confirmed today that Matt Cassel will remain his teams quarterback, and that he still has confidence in the fourth-year player. It's not like he has much of a choice in the matter, as Tom Brady's not exactly going to be pulling a Willis Reed and come walking out of the tunnel next week.

From MIke Reiss' blog at the Boston Globe:

Belichick was asked if he still has confidence in quarterback Matt Cassel leading the team, and he simply replied "yes." Asked a follow-up question, Belichick made his feelings clear: "Matt is our starting quarterback. He gives our team the best chance to win. We've all got to play better, and coach better than we did last week. We have to do a better job than we did against San Diego. But he's our quarterback."

To say Cassel was off on Sunday night would be an understatement. He missed receivers high, low, to the side and at times had a deer-in-headlights look. It was a pretty big step back from the previous week, when the Patriots offense looked like it was showing some signs of resurgence.

Though, to be fair, Sunday night games on the road against pretty good teams are quite a test for any quarterback, let alone one making his fourth NFL start.

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