Ollie Tweets ‘Don’t Believe Everything You Hear’


Until the Huskies coach holds a press conference to officially refute the rumors while declaring his undying allegiance to UConn, we're guessing these "Kevin Ollie to the NBA" rumors won't go away.

On Monday, the second-year coach, a month off leading the Huskies to the national title, took to Twitter to set the record straight:

There were several reports in the previous 24 hours that Ollie had been contacted by one NBA team, and while he would listen to potential suitors, ultimately, he would stay at UConn.

For now, the only meetings Ollie has on the docket (at least publicly) is the one he mentioned in his tweet above, as well as panel discussion on leadership -- along with Geno Auriemma -- to servicemen and women at the Pentagon near Washington, D.C.

There have also been reports that UConn and Ollie are working on a long-term extension that will more than double his salary. The Hartford Courant reports that the coach and the university "exchanged ideas" on Tuesday about a new deal.

Ollie said last month regarding the NBA that "I'm never gonna say never ... but I'm having so much fun (at UConn), it's my dream job."

And Shabazz Napier, the senior point guard who led the Huskies to the national title, was unequivocal in his take on Ollie's status.

“He’s not going anywhere,” Napier said. “He loves this university. When you love this university with the passion he has, he’s gonna stay here until they tell him he’s got to leave.”

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