Pats Owner Kraft Supports Goodell

Robert Kraft thinks Roger Goodell has done a good job handling the Ray Rice case

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has come under fire this week for how he and the league bungled the Ray Rice investigation. Rice, the former Ravens running back, was shown in a surveillance video released by TMZ Monday punching his soon-to-be wife in the face, knocking her unconscious. Goodell and the league knew the details of what happened but claimed that they never viewed the video until Monday.

At that time, the Ravens released Rice and Goodell raised Rice's punishment from a two-game suspension to an indefinite suspension.

On Tuesday, Patriots owner Bob Kraft came to Goodell's defense.

“I know our commissioner has taken some heat,” Kraft said during an appearance on CBS This Morning. “I just want to say that I spoke with him [Monday] when this came out, not knowing what was going to happen and knowing I was coming in here [for the television interview]. And he didn’t — he had no knowledge of this video. The way he’s handled this situation himself, coming out with the mea culpa in his statement a couple weeks ago or 10 days ago, and setting a very clear policy how we conduct ourselves in the NFL, I thought was excellent. And anyone who’s second-guessing that doesn’t know him."

Despite questions from fans and media and how Goodell handled the case, Kraft has no such concerns.

“I don’t want to get in the role of law enforcement or things I don’t understand,” Kraft said. “It’s just the good news is, people did the right thing when the visual — when you see that visually, it’s just such a turn-off. And I hope [it’s] a great lesson to people everywhere that this isn’t going to be tolerated.”

It's no surprise that Kraft or other owners have defended Goodell. The commissioner has taken a billion-dollar industry and made it more profitable, which means more money for owners.

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