Mirtle vs. Wyshynski Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview Chat

SB Nation's James Mirtle and I have had our disagreements in the past, and sometimes they involve basic philosophical differences about the NHL and hockey in general. For example, this subtle difference popped up when the playoff prognostications were published on From The Rink and Puck Daddy this morning:

James believes that the Vancouver Canucks are going to represent the Western Conference in the Stanley Cup finals; and I think they'll have six playoff games before the Cinderella St. Louis Blues knock them out.

Mirtle sees the Blues has a "happy to be there" team, while I see them as a "too young and dumb to know the difference" team. Honestly, I could see the Canucks winning this series and rolling to the finals as James predicted, too. The 2009 Stanley Cup playoffs are just that goofy and unpredictable.

We'll be discussing our picks, taking questions and facilitating the conversation today at 1 p.m. EST for what should be an energetic live chat simulcast on Puck Daddy and SB Nation. Please do stop by, say hi, and tell us we don't know nuthin'.

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