Reader Contest: Create the ultimate hockey card, win stuff

After we asked you dear readers to participate in the "Gary Bettman, Portraits in Heroism" contest over the summer, we were blown away with the creativity and hilarity of each entry. Now that you've set the bar so high for yourselves, we have another contest for those practiced in the dark arts of Photoshop and amateur artistry.

We all love classic and hilarious hockey cards, some of which have been featured here in our Card Bored posts; it's now your turn to display some cardboard wonder. The Puck Daddy Create-A-Card contest demands that you produce a card for any hockey player, past or present, by modifying a pre-existing collectable card or creating your very own original cardboard sensation.

Like for example, this three-minute 'Shop of a classic Garbage Pail Kids card. Or an Upper Deck card featuring Alexander Semin and Tito Puente in a bongo duel. Or an O-Pee-Chee of Chris Pronger getting his 20th suspension. Extra points for originality and obscurity, with the mandatory amount of funny brought, naturally. Just make it look like a collectable card; and please do only worry about creating the front of the card, no need for a back.

Rules: Original Photoshops and artwork creations only, and we'll publish as many entries many as we can. The Yahoo! Sports rules of profanity and PG-13 content apply. Deadline for submissions is Friday, February 13 at noon EDT. E-mail contest entries to Judges are Wyshynski, myself and a handle of Grey Goose.

Prizes: What would a hockey card contest be without giving away some real hockey cards? Thanks to Shawn Crandall from Dave and Adam's Card World for hooking us up:

First Prize - A box of new 2008/09 Upper Deck SPx Hockey.
Second Prize - A box of 2008/09 Fleer Ultra Hockey.
Third Prize - A box of 2007/08 ITG O Canada Hockey.

Use the comments section below for brainstorming ideas. You Sloppy Seconders Little Wyshynski Urban Achievers readers have set the bar extremely high during the Bettman contest. We're eagerly awaiting what you have in store this time around.

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