Shirreffs Plays Well in Blue-White Game

Coach Bob Diaco admits that Shirreffs has moved ahead of junior Tim Boyle.


Blue beat White, 13-3, in the annual spring game over the weekend, but the final score doesn't matter. What's important is that the Huskies appear one step closer to finding a starting quarterback.

NC State transfer Bryant Shirreffs was 13 of 24 for 168 yards and a 41-yard touchdown, and he also rushed for 25 yards. And while those numbers don't jump off the computer screen, Shirreffs doesn't turn the ball over, doesn't take risky chances, and is an elusive, fast runner -- all critical components for the position.

“It eats at you if you give ball away. It’s a pet peeve,” Shirreffs conceded, via “You are not supposed to give ball away. Passing, if something isn’t open, you shouldn’t throw it.”

Coach Bob Diaco admits that Shirreffs has moved ahead of junior Tim Boyle as we move past spring workouts.

“There is a ball security issue with Tim,” the coach continued. “(Boyle’s) come a long way , but has to protect the football. Even today, you saw opportunities where the ball was protected or at risk. Not that there were many turnovers. But, that’s a critical piece. We are looking at what could have been.”

Of course, Diaco isn't naming a starter in April. In addition to Shirreffs and Boyle, there's also true freshman Tyler Davis, as well as walk-on Brandon Bisack and JUCO Garrett Anderson.

“I think that it is exactly where we want it to be. We can’t declare a starter for Villanova because we have two more players to join in fall camp,” Diaco said. “We will know right away. We have some real benchmarks and parameters in how to function. We have created the separation. ...

“Bryant has separated himself from Tim. We will maintain that piece and take a peek at other two and give them a chance.”

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