Two Trinity College Multi-Sport Athletes Make History

Only a select few are good enough to play a sport in college and even fewer are talented enough to play multiple sports, but that's exactly what two Trinity Bantams are doing.

Peace Kabari and Courtney Erickson are teammates on the women's basketball team. They are the only two players on the team to average more than 10 points per game.

They’re also both spring sports athletes as well. Peace is a thrower on the track and field team and Courtney is the shortstop on the softball team.

“I think being busy all the time makes college seem a lot easier,” says Kabari. “Being a thrower you have to be really strong and lift very heavy so when I’m not in basketball season, I think I'm getting a lot stronger.”

Trinity assistant track and field coach Michael Goulet is impressed with Kabari. “Peace is one of the most explosive people I've ever met physically,” said Goulet.

“The biggest goal for this year is to be an All-American so that's top 8 in the country,” Kabari said.

She holds shot put school record and currently ranks fifth in the country. Courtney is keeping pace with her teammate on the softball diamond, becoming the school's RBI leader earlier this month.

“For me it's always been whatever season I'm in, I get so into it,” said Erickson.

Playing multiple sports has helped her in the classroom as well.

“I have to get all of my work done at a certain time so I can make it to practice and not stress out after so it keeps me on track.”

As Erickson nears the end of her college career, she's grateful for experience on the court and on the diamond.

“I don't think I would have this experience elsewhere so having a really well rounded experience is what made Trinity for me.”

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