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People Can't Decide What Color This Sneaker Is

Plenty of people are weighing in online in a debate reminiscent of #TheDress



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    Via Twitter user @TFILDOLANS

    The Dress was divisive, and now a new color-based controversy about a piece of clothing — this time a sneaker — is getting legs.

    People on the internet are divided about whether the sneaker seen in a tweet by Twitter user @TFILDOLANS is grey and teal or pink and white.

    That user has said she's seen both in the image — and after a few thousand retweets, plenty of people are weighing in online.

    For what it's worth, the shoes appear to be by Vans, as "Today" reported, and the company only sells a pink and white version of the shoe in question, not teal and grey. The photo causing such a stir may have been filtered.

    Of course, it hasn't reached the levels of debate prompted by a striped dress in February 2015. The internet practically melted down over whether it was blue and black or white and gold.