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Mountain Lion in Bethany?

NBC crews spot what looked like a mountain lion on Route 63.



    Mountain Lion in Bethany?

    Two NBC Connecticut staff members spotted what appeared to be a mountain lion in Bethany on Tuesday morning.

    Photographer Dave Mulligan and reporter Brynn Gingras were traveling north on Route 63 in Bethany around 7 a.m. when an animal that looked like a mountain lion darted across the road from the woods.

    They braked to avoid hitting the animal and reported the sighting to the state Department of Environmental Protection.

    A mountain lion was killed on Route 15 in Milford early Saturday morning when a driver struck the animal.

    DEP officials believe the animal killed on the road is the same mountain lion that was spotted in the upper King Street area of Greenwich.

    Between Sunday and Monday, there were three additional reports of mountain lion sightings in Greenwich. The report on Monday was deemed unfounded, DEP officials said.

    There was also another report in Greenwich on Monday morning.

    DEP is having tests conducted on the animal killed in Milford to determine where it came from.

    Anyone who sees what they believe is a mountain lion should stay away from it and call police, or the DEP 24-hour emergency hotline at 860-423-3333.

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