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Leslie Mayes



    How Doctors are Shining New Light on Skin Cancer Diagnoses

    Leslie Mayes is a reporter for NBC Connecticut. You can catch her reporting from the New Haven newsroom weeknights on NBC Connecticut.

    Leslie enjoys being on scene covering the latest breaking news and is passionate about national political news and public health news. She loves meeting and talking to people in local communities while out in the field.

    Before joining the NBC Connecticut team, Leslie served as a Washington bureau producer for Time Warner Cable News, where she covered both of President Obama’s inaugurations and several State of the Union addresses. She also traveled across the country working with the political unit at NY1 News, where she followed the Clinton and Obama campaigns prior to the 2008 presidential election. Most recently, Leslie worked as a morning reporter and multimedia journalist in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    Leslie is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists, and enjoys working with children from under-served communities. When she’s not chasing news stories, Leslie is most likely to be rooting for her favorite NBA teams, the Wizards and the Knicks, or getting a Pilates workout in.

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