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Vegan Corn Chowder



    Vegan Corn Chowder

    Chef KC Ward of The Rooster Co. and Flora makes a vegan corn chowder.

    (Published Sunday, July 8, 2018)

    Step 1 Ingredients:

    • 15 ears corn, kennels cut and cobb scraped
    • puree 2 cups worth in blender with 2 cups water and 3 tsp cornstarch
    • 2 lbs Idaho potato
    • rinse, prick and individually wrap in plastic and microwave for 8 minutes then smoke for 10 minutes with 2 tbs hickory then medium dice

    Step 2 Ingredients:

    • 15 cloves garlic minced
    • 1 Spanish onion minced
    • 1.5 c extra virgin olive oil
    • 12 oz carrot, peeled and small dice
    • 1 bulb fennel, minced
    • 1 tbs tarragon minced
    • 1 (8oz) can coconut milk
    • Salt and sugar to taste


    • Sweat onion/garlic/fennel with olive oil then add non-pureed corn/carrot/coconut milk and simmer covered until potatoes are tender, then add puree and smoked potatoes and bring to simmer.

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