• Tennessee Aug 3, 2017

    Protein Bars Recalled for Listeria Risk

    A brand of protein bars has been recalled by its manufacturer because it may be contaminated with listeria.

  • actor Aug 2, 2017

    Terminally Ill Rob Lowe Fan Succumbs to Cancer

    Days before succumbing to a year-long battle with cancer, a lifelong Rob Lowe fan received a heartfelt message from the actor himself. A single mother of two kids who had been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, 48 year-old Alexandra Charpentier had always wanted to meet Lowe and express her support for the actor. “It’s been a thing for more...

  • NBC Jul 31, 2017

    World's Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Opens Across the Swiss Alps

    The world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge has opened in southern Switzerland, stretching 1620 feet as part of a trail in the Alps, NBC News reported. Despite its record-setting length, the Charles Kuonen suspension bridge is only 25 inches wide, with a grated surface that allows intrepid hikers to take in the drop below them — up to 300 feet. Read More

  • Facebook Jul 17, 2017

    World Emoji Day: 5 Billion Emojis Are Sent Daily on Messenger, Facebook Says

    About 5 billion emojis are sent each day on Facebook Messenger, the social media giant said Monday, World Emoji Day. Many of those emojis might be kissing winky faces, the most popular one on Messenger in the United States, according to statistics released by Facebook to mark the day, which was first proclaimed by Emojipedia in 2014. On Facebook, which...

  • United States Jul 11, 2017

    Amazon Prime Day Now Backed by Cargo Plane Fleet

    For this year’s Prime Day, Amazon is taking to the skies. A fleet of cargo jets will be used in the company’s annual day of online deals for the first time in the U.S., it said in a press release Monday. As anticipation builds for Prime Day shopping deals, background operations look to make sure every order on the company’s...

  • Twitter Jul 10, 2017

    Love at First Tweet: Woman Weds Twitter Follower 3 Years After Joke About Marrying Him

    Twitter, she married him. It just took a while. After Llia Apostolou sent a joking message on Twitter looking for a wedding date, a stranger took her up on the offer. The two never did end up going to the ceremony together. But a day short of three years later, they made it to another wedding: their own.

  • Professor Jun 26, 2017

    As Gadgets Enter the Classroom, Supplies Go From Old School to High Tech

    The days of notebooks, chalkboards and flour sack babies in schools across the country may be ending. Many of today’s schools are incorporating Chromebooks, Smart Boards, and even high-tech infant simulators that are taking the classroom into a highly digitized 21st century. As tablets, laptops and apps have taken hold with consumers in recent years, they have also gained a...

  • Tennessee Jun 22, 2017

    Hummus Sold At Wal-Mart, Target Recalled for Listeria Risk

    A brand of pine nut hummus sold at major retailers including Wal-Mart and Target has been recalled by its manufacturer because it may be contaminated with listeria. House of Thaller, which is based in Knoxville, Tenn., voluntarily recalled all 10-ounce packages of hummus products containing pine nut topping, after a supplier reported the possible contamination. Thaller sells its hummus under...

  • president Jun 22, 2017

    Burger King Shakes Up Menu with Lucky Charms Beverage

    They’re magically delicious — and now, they’re in a milkshake. Lucky Charms cereal will appear in a limited-edition shake at select Burger King locations, the fast-food chain announced Tuesday. At $2.99, the Lucky Charms shake features 740 calories’ worth of ice cream, syrup, and crushed pieces of the sugary marshmallow cereal.

  • Twitter Jun 19, 2017

    SEE IT: Jay Z Drops Teaser for New Album, Short Film

    It’s looking like Jay Z has more on his plate than twins.
    In a teaser for his song “ADNIS,” the rapper and now father of three announced he will be releasing his newest album on Tidal June 30.

  • Donald Trump Jun 16, 2017

    Trump Administration Keeps Program Protecting Immigrant Kids From Deportation, Drops Program for Parents

    The Trump administration is leaving in place a program protecting hundreds of thousands young immigrants from deportation — one that President Donald Trump had pledged to eliminate. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly quietly announced the decision at the bottom of a fact sheet released late Thursday declaring the end to a similar, but never-implemented program intended to shield immigrant parents...

  • United States Jun 16, 2017

    Trans Candidate Wins Primary for Virginia House of Delegates

    After winning the Democratic primary, Danica Roem is one step closer to becoming the first openly transgender state legislator in Virginia, and only the third in the U.S., NBC News reported. Roem, a 32-year-old journalist and lifelong resident of her district, beat three other Democrats Tuesday on a platform that included improving a main thoroughfare for the district and fighting...

  • London Jun 15, 2017

    ‘White Skittles' Are Creating Pride Month Controversy in U.K.

    An all-white, limited edition of Skittles sold in the U.K. has ignited internet debate over what some critics are calling a tone-deaf marketing scheme to celebrate LGBT Pride month. Skittles partnered with British retail chain Tesco for the second year to offer an all-white version of the candy in a black-and-white bag, following the launch of this #onerainbow campaign at...

  • Donald Trump Jun 12, 2017

    Comey ‘Laughs' About Subject of Leaking, His Father Says, Amid Trump Twitter Accusations

    The father of former FBI Director James Comey says his son laughs when the subject of leaking is brought up. J. Brien Comey Sr. was responding after President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday morning: “I believe the James Comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible. Totally illegal? Very ‘cowardly!'” James Comey was in his New Jersey...

  • social media Jun 9, 2017

    Why Was ‘Lord Buckethead' Running Against the British Prime Minister?

    British prime minister Theresa May had some unusual competition for her seat in Parliament this year—and social media took notice. Twitter was ablaze Friday with photos of May standing beside an Elmo impersonator, the “Howling Laud,” and a figure named “Lord Buckethead,” who one user described as Darth Vader wearing a trash can. In another race, Mr. Fish Finger—yes, that’s...

  • Donald Trump Jun 7, 2017

    Trump Floats Idea to Cover Border Wall With Solar Panels: Sources

    After withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate agreement, President Donald Trump is suggesting covering his signature border wall with solar panels, two government sources told NBC News. Meeting with congressional leaders Tuesday, Trump said he wants Congress to consider this environmentally friendly idea — but only on the condition that he gets credit, according to one source and...

  • California Jun 6, 2017

    Apple Introduces ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving' Feature for iOS 11

    Getting distracted at the wheel by your phone? Apple may be able to help. A “do not disturb” mode for drivers will be part of the iOS 11 operating system, which is slated for release this fall for both iPhone and iPad.

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