Blizzard of 2013 Anniversary

Feb 8, 2013 featured one of the biggest blizzards to hit the state

What were you doing on this day in 2013? You were likely shoveling a lot of snow! People across the state were digging out from one of the strongest storms to hit the state. More than two feet of snow fell in many communities.

The snow began on the lighter side on February 7, but as the storm moved north off of the coast, the storm rapidly intensified. Snow picked up across the state and by evening it began snowing at incredible snowfall rates of 5 to 6 inches per hour! Winds began gusting over 40 to 50 miles per hour causing white out conditions and drifts that were measured in feet.

The storm caused many schools and businesses to be closed for days due to the amount of snow that needed to be removed from parking lots. Along with the heavy snow, there was coastal flooding and power outages from the combination of heavy snow and gusty winds.

The state's Governor declared a state of emergency and closed all roads in the state. Anyone that was out driving found conditions impassable and many cars were stranded on area roadways.

The storm formed as a couple of areas of low pressure combined with energy out of the mid-west. Low pressure also picked up Gulf of Mexico moisture and moved up the eastern seaboard. The storm peaked with a pressure bottoming out at 968 millibars off of the coast of Southern New England.

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