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Lack of Rain Leading to Dry Conditions for Parts of the State

You may notice your lawn starting to get a little brown. While all of the sunshine has been nice, we need the rain!

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Connecticut's rivers, streams, and groundwater are all running low and measuring below average. While we're not seeing drought conditions yet, we are heading in that direction and need some rain.

This is the drought monitor from last week.  It shows 25% of the state as abnormally dry.

Below is the drought monitor that was released on Thursday, showing 50% of the state as abnormally dry.

"In another week without precipitation, those numbers will increase,” said Timothy Sargent, Chief of Hydrologic Operations of the U.S. Geological Survey.  “It's hard to predict what they'll increase to but that's something we'll keep an eye on pretty much every day."

Right now we're in what's called Stage 1, a potential drought declaration.

So far this month, the Hartford area has only picked up .42 inches of rain. We should be closer to 3 inches.

It's been dry along the shoreline too. The Bridgeport area has seen just over half an inch of rain when we should be closer to 2 and a half inches.

"The lack of precipitation is going to result in lower or below normal streamflow conditions which we have. And it's also going to not allow for ground water to recharge,” said Sargent. "It's concerning enough that we're keeping an eye on things daily."

While we do have a few rain chances in the 10-Day forecast, those few scattered showers and thunderstorms really aren't beneficial when it comes to rainfall. We need a good soaker.

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