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Winter Snowstorm Hits Shoreline Communities

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Snow hit along out coastal communities with a few inches expected through the night.

The snow is a sight to behold during this year’s mild winter. Some people in Milford welcomed the frosty conditions, from a business perspective.

“I’m in the auto glass industry and I’ll tell you what. We need this snow and I got a lot of friends in the landscaping department and they need the work, too,” John Grant, who lives in North Branford, said.

Others, not so thrilled like one man who recently moved here from Florida.

“I’m not looking forward to four, five inches of snow. You don’t get that in Florida? We don’t get that in Florida,” Carroll Bowser, who lives in Stratford, said.

The city of Milford has plows ready. Like many other communities, the city issued a parking ban, so those plows are able to clear the streets for the morning commute.

The Milford Fire Department says it’s ready to respond to emergencies and they have their shovels ready to get to wherever they may be needed.

Battalion Chief Marty Halprin says typically with snowy weather, they see a lot more car crashes due to the slippery conditions on the roads.

“Whatever you need to get done, do it before the storm hits. If you don’t need to go out, don’t go out,” he said.

He says people should be prepared at home in case of emergencies.

“Do you have a generator? Is your generator properly hooked up? Do you have a food supply if it’s a big enough storm and you can’t get out? Do you have enough fresh water?” he said.

It’s advice some people followed.

“We just bought food because we just came from Aldi, so we wanted to make sure that we have stuff on hand,” Bowser said.

Firefighters also ask people to shovel the snow around any fire hydrants that may be in front of your home, as this can help them respond to any emergencies faster.

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