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Larson Holds Public Forum on Government Shutdown



    NBC Connecticut

    There may be a glimmer of hope on Capitol Hill. Congressman John Larson said at a meeting with constituents that the government shutdown stalemate could soon come to an end.

    Dozens attended a forum hosted by Larson at the Wethersfield Public Library on Sunday. He addressed the government shutdown and took questions for the public as well as listened to their concerns.

    The standstill is caused by Democrats wanting a clean spending bill while some Republicans are demanding negotiations include defunding the Affordable Care Act.

    Larson said forcing a shutdown is not the way to negotiate.

    "Now whether you have differences about how the government runs, how it's funded, those things should be worked out, but you shouldn't shut down the entire system down over an ideological difference that you have," said Larson.

    "We hope it'll end this week, but we have the debt ceiling. Now the Speaker [John Boehner] has said he will not allow us to default on the nation's obligations, so I take that as a good sign."

    The US will reach its borrowing limit on October 17th unless Congress acts.