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Manager Stabbed in Back During Massage Parlor Skirmish: Police



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    A massage parlor is usually a place of tranquility, but a dispute over a phone bill led to the manager being stabbed in back in the center of the mall, police said.

    The bloody fight at Stamford Town Center mall started on Wednesday afternoon when the two Wellness Experts employees argued over a business phone bill that was not paid, police said.

    The argument became violent when the manager Guangfu Zhao, 40, allegedly grabbed Zheng Zhuping, 50, by the throat and kicked her feet, police said. Zhuping hit her head on the floor and lost consciousness.

    When Zhuping regained consciousness, she grabbed a knife from the business, chased Zhao down to the second level of the mall and stabbed him in the lower back, police said.

    Several people witnessed the stabbing, including three children. It was also captured on the mall’s surveillance camera, police said.

    Zhao and Zhuping were taken to Stamford Hospital, where Zhao will stay overnight and face charges of seconds-degree assault and third-degree strangulation upon his release.

    Zhuping was treated and released and charged with felony assault, reckless endangerment and three counts of risk of injury to a minor.