Volunteers Keep 24 hour Newtown Candlelight Vigil Burning

Volunteers are keeping watch over a candlelight vigil scheduled to last all Christmas Day.

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    Volunteers kept watch over a candlelight vigil for all of Christmas Day in the Connecticut town where 20 children and six educators were gunned down at an elementary school.

    Twenty-six candles, one for each victim, were lit at midnight Monday near a huge sidewalk memorial filled with teddy bears, flowers, candles, posterss and other tributes to the dead.

    Volunteers were scheduled for three-hour shifts Tuesday to ensure they remain burning.

    Police officers from other communities filled in for Newtown police so they could have the holiday off.

    And well-wishers from around the country continued visiting the town to pay their respects.

    At Christmas morning services, congregants were told that good always overcomes evil.