Waterbury Parks Damaged By ATVs

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    NBC Connecticut

    Several parks in Waterbury have been torn up during the last few weeks and the city said ATV’s are to blame.

    On Tuesday, one of those ATV’s ruined the grass on the baseball field at Waterville Park on and the tracks were highly visible.

    “It is upsetting when you come out and see the tracks,” said Park’s Director Mark Lombardo.

    Lombardo wasn’t happy when he saw the damage for himself. “You see all the hard work the guys put in over the summer for the kids and someone comes out and does damage like this,” he added.

    Waterbury Police recently arrested Jose Vasquez in connection with the crime.  Officers caught him at the park when someone saw him riding through here and called 911.  The city confiscated his 4 wheeler and said it would make him pay for the damage that was at least $1,000.

    “We got pretty lucky finally catching one of these guys,” Lombardo said.

    Police still have not caught the culprits who ripped apart Fulton Park in December.

    “The neighbors are infuriated they're very upset they're frightened to have their children go on the sidewalk let alone the street,” said Michael Salvio. 

    Salvio said the same group took their ATV’s and dirt bikes through his Overlook Neighborhood a few blocks away.  NBC Connecticut was there after this happened and captured their marks on camera in this historic area of town.  “To go on city streets and go in city parks…you’re making it dangerous and damaging property,” Salvio said.

    Taxpayers could have to foot the bill for repairs.  According to the city, fixing the grass and medians could cost thousands. “This is not fair at all,” Salvio explained.  He said he was certain the riders would be back, and his neighborhood was on the lookout to help police track them down.

    According to the city’s parks director, Waterbury police are doing extra patrols by the parks to stop this problem.