Couseling Offered to Classmates of Student Who Died at Granby Waterfall

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    RHAM High School made counselors available to classmates of 15-year-old Amanda Monington, who died in an accident at a state park.

    Monington fell 15 to 20 feet from a waterfall in Enders State Forest in Granby on Saturday.

    "It's kind of hard to think about someone around your age dying like that," said Chris Losty, a senior about to graduate. "Everybody's out here to have a good time and hanging out.  Something like that's kind of tragic."

    Department of Energy and Environmental protection EnCon police are investigating, said DEEP spokesman Dennis Schain.

    "And certainly if there's anything more we can reasonably do to promote safety at that location, we will take a look at it,." Schain said.

    The waterfalls in Enders State Forest in Granby are a popular place to cool off on hot days.

    RHAM counselors were available as needed for students, said Robert Siminski, the superintendent of schools.

    "Some of the Guidance folks went into her regularly scheduled first period class and had some conversations witih students then, making sure counseling was available to everybody," Siminiski said.