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Robert Downey Jr. Delighted in "Due Date's" Shocking Scenes



    PopcornBiz Takes an Expectant Father to "Due Date"

    Scott Ross sits down with producer/director Michael Kuell to chat about the new road comedy, "Due Date," starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Zach Galifianakis. (Published Friday, Nov. 5, 2010)

    “Due Date” star Robert Downey Jr. would like to address two of the comedy’s biggest hate-yourself-for-laughing moments.

    And Popcorn Biz will get to that – after you’ve seen the film, so as not to spoil the shocking, yet perversely hilarious, moments. We’ll wait…

    Okay, all good? No need to show your ticket stub.

    So how did Hollywood’s current reigning king-of-all-comebacks, who after a checkered personal history has basked in the beloved embrace of audiences for the past few years, feel about punching a child in the stomach and spitting in a dog’s face on screen?

    "Due Date"

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    Robert Downey Jr and Zach Galifianakis race across the country in the hopes of getting RDJ home in time for the birth of his first child.
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    “I love that we've actually gotten more push-back from spitting in a dog's face than punching a human child,” Downey told PopcornBiz. “[Director] Todd Phillips told me to do both of them. On one of them, he said, 'You should spit in that dog's face,' I was like 'Yeah…' He goes, 'I want you to spit in the dog's face.' I said, 'That's so definitive!' And he goes, 'I know, but I think that people like you enough. I don't know if they will. Just spit in its face.' He loves dogs, and I actually don't like dogs, so I felt kind of horrible and splendorous doing it.”

    Downey said he reveled in unleashing his character’s tightly coiled just-under-the-surface rage whenever provoked by co-star Zach Galifianakis’ character.

    “It was an invitation for me to get in to touch with everything that annoys me about everyone and all the fear that I have about everything that everyone can relate to,” he said. “It was very pleasant. I don't know why. I'm not a Method guy. I can't be bothered to have a Method. I just want to be a part of a good movie, and I can't stand to be surrounded by morons.”

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    The actor enjoyed it so much he’d be game for a sequel, even though he’s already juggling “Iron Man” and “Sherlock Holmes” commitments.

    “Yeah, that's what I need: three franchises so that I can utterly have a personality meltdown in real life, but I would do it with these guys,” Downey said. “I have to say, too, that there was something so cathartic…I think it was just the most healing project that I've ever worked on.”

    Speaking of those franchises, Downey's already at work on the “Sherlock” sequel: “Sequels are always tough, but we have a great group. We're three weeks in and it's already pretty fantastic,” he said.

    As for continuing on as Tony Stark: “I know exactly what to do with 'Iron Man 3,'” he said. “That was almost mad with power.”