Blood Shortage

American Red Cross is Looking for Blood Donors in Conn.

NBC and Telemundo Connecticut are holding a blood drive with the Hartford Yard Goats and American Red Cross a week from today.

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The American Red Cross said they've seen fewer donors since the beginning of the pandemic and they're hoping more people will come participate in blood drives as we approach summer.

“Generally in the summer time, we do see a drop in blood donations and that's because children might be out of school, people are focused on vacations," an American Red Cross representative said.

“Surgeries might have to be postponed and I know that if I were waiting on a blood donation and I weren't getting it, I would be worried about what that means for me and my safety,” she continued.

Ryan Shea is no stranger to the blood draw station. He said he's donated blood at least 16 times in his life.

“It's an easy and painless process and you're doing a good deed and it makes you feel better at the end of day," he said.

According to the American Red Cross, only seven percent of the population are the blood type O negative. It's also the highest in demand because it is used most often in emergency situations.

Shea is part of that group. For him, he said donating this time around means so much more. 

“I have a blood type that is able to give to babies and my wife is pregnant right now so I'd like to be there to help if she needs it,” he said.

Douglas Dorsey also has a rare blood type. He is O positive. He, too, has donated several times over the years.

“I thought it was a blessing, I didn't even really know my blood type. Once they told me that it was compatible with all different types, I was thinking I should donate," he said.

NBC and Telemundo's blood drive with the Hartford Yard Goats is happening May 19 from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Dunkin Donuts Park and Farmington Gardens. For more information, click here.

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