Connecticut Troopers Attend Birthday Parade for 5-Year-Old Awaiting Heart Transplant

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Several Connecticut state troopers took part in a birthday parade for a five-year-old boy awaiting a heart transplant.

Officers with Troop B, along with many other first responders from throughout the northwest corner of the state, participated in a drive-thru parade to honor five-year-old Mason Gero, who's headed to Boston later this month to prepare for surgery.

"We are forever grateful and there's no way we could ever thank or repay anybody enough. It's gonna bring up the spirits of him from now until we go, it's going to bring enlightenment because we've lost that in the last month," said Mason's mom Danielle Kaczynski.

Mason has congenital heart disease. His mom said he wasn't born with heart failure, but over the years, his heart developed backwards.

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"We've had a great quality of life with him at home where he's healed and grew and thrived and now it's time. It's time to get him to where he needs to be and time to get the process started to get this heart," Kaczynski said.

Over 200 vehicles showed up Saturday for Mason's birthday parade, which was organized by the Friendly Hands Food Bank.

Even emergency personnel from out-of-state showed up.

"Torrington comes through for this little man," Executive Director Karen Thomas said.

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Mason's father volunteers at the food bank, according to Thomas.

"This is why we have gotten where we are - through the support of our friends and our family, the way people pray, his prayer chain goes across this country. And that's all we ask for is prayers, that's what we need and that's what helps us," Kaczynski said.

Anyone who'd like to make donations can do so on the food bank's website.

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