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Lindsay Lohan's Publicist Steve Honig Quits Amid String of LiLo Debacles

Embattled starlet's trusty flack throws in the towel after sticking by his unpredictable client through one scandal after another.



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    File photo: Lindsay Lohan attends Lady Gaga "Fame" Eau de Parfum Launch Event on September 13, 2012 in New York City. Lohan's publicist Steve Honig quit Wednesday night.

    Even loyal supporters have their breaking point.

    And Lindsay Lohan's besieged publicist, apparently, has finally reached his.

    Steve Honig, who's steered his beleaguered client through one scandal after another after another, has quit as LiLo's trusty flack, E! News has exclusively learned.

    "He's resigned as Lindsay's publicist Wednesday night," a source tells E! News exclusively.

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    Honig, however, declined to elaborate on why he's decided throw in the towel, telling E! News, "I'm not discussing this out of respect for my client."

    No doubt the publicist, who's been employed by LiLo for about a year and a half, has had his work cut out for him. During his time under LiLo's dime, he's racked up enough crisis-management victories to fill up a bushel's worth of resumes.

    Let us try to count the ways, shall we? (Bear with us if we miss something here.)

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    Under Honig's watch, the star passed out in a hotel room, landed in the hospital after a frightening car crash, allegedly trashed her trailer, got tangled up in a jewelry heist, was reportedly banned from a hotel for unpaid bills, got arrested for an alleged hit-and-run, was embroiled in a 911-worthy spat with mom Dina Lohan, unleashed a war of words with pop Michael Lohan and, most recently, was faced with a failed intervention attempt by Michael, supposedly with the support of her handlers.

    Good luck to LiLo's next flack.

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